Why should you use PPE?

Why should you use PPE?

As most Health and safety officers will know, hazard awareness is an important part of preventing dangers that are present in any work environment.  A hazard, put simply, is something that has the potential to cause harm. As risks are therefore plentiful and varied in the work force, so too are the precaution measures.  One main successful measure, that in times past was sadly overlooked, is the use of PPE.

Basic PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) consists of

Head Protection: Safety Helmet, Hard Hat & Bump Cap
Eye Protection: Protective goggles/ Safety Spectacles
Ear protection: Ear defenders, Ear Plugs
Breathing: Dusk masks, Air flow masks
Hand Protection: Safety Gloves impact and cur resistant
Feet Protection: Safety Footwear , boots & shoes
Body Protection: Coveralls, Disposable, Flame Retardant & ARC rated

Finding the correct personal protective equipment for your needs, requires an honest examination of the hazards and risks that the task itself creates.  For example, a lack of knowledge of how an activity can cause problems, and then a lack of subsequent PPE protective clothing, such as ear muffs or face masks, have lead to many present day illnesses and injuries  Even now, people may engage in what they see as harmless DIY projects, but they can cause themselves serious harm unless they avail themselves of PPE Equipment.  Finding the right PPE for you should influence not just what you buy, but also where to buy PPE equipment from.

Finding a reputable company to provide you with custom made personalised PPE, is important.  There are many copycat companies out there that will produce merchandise to look like or mimic certain brands or products.  PPE clothing however, isn’t created to make a fashion statement, but to protect the wearer from risk in his or her environment. Without the correct PPE safety clothing, a person may be lead to feel they are safe, but sadly are not, and therefore expose themselves to harmful substances and areas of work.

Hazards and risks are often exclusive to a certain task.  For example, railway workers face a unique set of needs and hazards, and therefore the PPE chosen is fit for purpose. We supply  GO/RT Railway PPE which is industry specific  for underground Railways and for any form of rail transportation & railway staff with reflective clothing that is practical and protective.  This PPE clothing is ideal for strenuous activity and for all weather conditions, such as hot summers and rainy days.  GO/RT rated Railway PPE is provided as a polo shirt, sweatshirt, bomber jacket, hoodie and as many other types of clothing items, on top of the typical hi-vis vests you usually see sported by such work forces.  Besides PPE clothing, protection is also provided through the use of products such as electrical PPE equipment.  Rubber gloves and goggles are used extensively in electrical work.

Although being safe at work is something every employer and employee should give priority too, looking smart is also a concern of all reputable companies.  They want their staff to represent them in a way that reflects their image and identity.  In order to encompass both of these needs, Simply Hi Vis clothing     not only provide excellent quality products that follow health and safety requirements, but they can provide custom PPE bearing your company logo & strap line.

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