Your Options with Printing and Embroidery

Your Options with Printing and Embroidery

At Simply Hi Vis Clothing UK, we have over 15 years of experience, and within this time we have become one of the best companies for branded workwear and clothing. Whether it’s embroidered or printed, we will make sure to use the latest technology to create your bespoke workwear, so you can be certain that the quality will reflect that of your company. If you’re deciding between printed or embroidered designs, read on to find out some of the different advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Advantages of Printing

When printing your design, it’s possible to achieve the finest details, and make colours and shading unique to your logo more intricately replicated. It is also the more affordable option when you either require a bulk order, or if your design is particularly large. This latter point is due to the fact that the size of your graphic does not correlate with the pricing for print designs, so however big your design it, it won’t negatively impact on the overall cost.

Disadvantages of Printing

With both printing and embroidery, the more items you require, the more you could save. This may be a disadvantage if you only require a small order, so it might be worth carrying surplus stock for future replacements. This also relates to the point that printed designs do eventually fade with time, so they don’t have quite the longevity of embroidery, and print designs sometimes are not possible on certain materials. Therefore, if you have a particular material in mind, this could be a contributing factor as to whether you choose printing or embroidery.

Advantages of Embroidery

In turn, when comparing the advantages of embroidery, many of the weak areas for printing can be solved by opting for an embroidered design instead. The design can be completed on a wide variety of materials and lasts longer than printed designs. There are a wide array of colours available, and by a processes of digitizing we are able to convert your image into a file that the machinery can read. It gives a highly professional feel, and it can be washed very easily, again, without having a negative impact on the design over time.

Disadvantages of Embroidery

Like printing, you will be able to save money on large orders, but embroidery is more expensive. If you’re placing a small order, it can be more costly, so you’ll have to weigh up the pros and cons for either option whilst perhaps discounting the fact that small orders are not as cost effective as larger ones for both types of customisation. 

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Whether you need a custom logo on a high visibility vest, or embroidered designs on hats and caps, we can help you with your customisation needs. If you would like more information about customisation with either printing or embroidery, please get in touch with us by completing our contact form, or by sending an email to On our contact page, you will also find details of our location, phone numbers and opening hours. We will be happy to help you decide which customisation option is best for you.

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